Cuisinart Immersion Blender Giveaway!

I love my stick blender.  Well, OK, I’ve loved it to death.  I use it to whizz up soups in the pot – like Spanikopita Soup, or Vicysoisse, or the occasional pumpkin soup.  Even more frequently, we make smoothies.  We make smoothies out of yogurt, honey, & every kind of fruit imaginable.   Then, the blender I currently own has an attachment to convert it to a mini-food processor.  I’ve chopped herbs in there.  I’ve bought bulk garlic cloves, blitzed them with some olive oil & frozen it for future use, chopped onion….  Really, this thing has done it all!

So now I need a new one.  The silicone seal has come off, the large blender cup has been stepped on & broken (have I mentioned I have a houseful of kids?)…really, it’s seen better days.  Which is why I’m so excited to announce that Real Food Forager is having this great giveaway this month:

The lucky winner this month will receive a Cuisinart Immersion Blender! I love this tool. I use it for making mayonnaisecoconut milk, pureeing soups, etc. You will find it very useful. It comes with the deep cup that is so convenient. At the end of the month I will submit all the comments (which are numbered) to and they will pick the winner. Watch out for the announcement (May 31 at 11:59 PM EST). I will ask the winner to email me their address within 48 hours in order to send the prize. It may be you!

So if you’ve never tried one — or if you’re like me and really, really need a new one — this is the time to enter her contest to see if you can be the lucky winner!

I really want it myself (in case you couldn’t tell), but good luck to each of you too!


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I'm a crazy-busy mother of 6, trying to live a healthy, natural, and green life balancing living, learning, and loving as well as I can at any given time.
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