Spanikopita Soup

I love Greek food, I really do.  And it’s rarely anything I make at home because most of it is so labor intensive – involving lots of layers of things.  But this soup is so NOT.

I got the idea from a friend, and came up with another of my non-recipe recipes.  Basically, I chop or smash some garlic and maybe chop some onion (I admit, I frequently use dried onion flakes – they just don’t spoil as quickly as the fresh ones), heat it through in a little olive oil, throw a bunch of fresh spinach and some oregano (fresh or dried – your choice), then pour chicken stock over the top.  Of course, season with salt & pepper of some variety.   Once it’s cooked (what, like 2 minutes, maybe?), I’ll throw in some feta cheese, and possibly cream or milk.

Then I get my handy – dandy stick blender & whizz it all into a smooth puree.  Mmmmm…delicious.  Actually tastes very much like Spanikopita – Greek spinach stuffed pastries – but without the filo dough.  So it has the advantage of being gluten free.  You could of course leave out the dairy too, but then I think I’d call it Spinach Soup.  The cheese gives it a certain tang and smoothness.

So have fun with this.  Sorry there are no exact measurements, but of course everyone has different degrees of tolerance for garlic, salt, etc. – so this way you can design it for your own family’s taste!  🙂

This post is part of Pennywise Platter Thursday at the Nourishing Gourmet


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I'm a crazy-busy mother of 6, trying to live a healthy, natural, and green life balancing living, learning, and loving as well as I can at any given time.
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