Ginger – Tuesday’s Tips

I’ve heard lots of different ways to peel fresh ginger, from sharp knives to veggie peelers to spoons.  The latter are my favorite – especially when cooking with kids (which happens a LOT around here!) Spoons scrape the skin off easily enough & leave most of the ginger behind (although I have to admit to being lazy enough to just grate it with the skin on from time to time – particularly when making soda culture for home made fermented berry soda like this delicious one).

When you get your fresh Ginger home from the store or market, go ahead & peel it.  Use what you need immediately, and then freeze the rest.  It’ll actually be easier to grate once it’s frozen & it won’t shrivel up into oblivion like it does in the fridge!

Some health benefits of ginger – there are many!

Any tips you’d like to share?

This post is part of Kitchen Tips Tuesday, hosted by Katie at Kitchen Stewardship.


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I'm a crazy-busy mother of 6, trying to live a healthy, natural, and green life balancing living, learning, and loving as well as I can at any given time.
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