Keeping Kids Healthy & Happy: Smoothie Surprise

My kids love smoothies, and I love my stick blender for making them.  I remember reading a recipe at one point that used one cup of yogurt with some amount of fruit & ice….  But of course, I’m a throw it in the blender kind of gal – usually some sort of frozen fruit, yogurt, maybe honey, maybe juice or milk, who knows.  Occasionally I try to sneak something healthier in there as well.  A couple of weeks ago, a Blendtec demonstrator at Sam’s (man, I wanted that blender!) made a smoothie & threw some spinach in, and it must have gotten my gears turning.

A couple of days ago, I impressed myself with what I got away with sneaking in there.  I had some frozen strawberries we had picked at a farm in April, some yogurt & pineapple juice, a couple of bananas & then I snuck in milled flaxseed, spinach, and almond butter – talk about a meal in a glass!  I did use ice to thin it a bit, which I don’t normally do when I’m starting with frozen fruit, but it seemed necessary this time.  Of course the amazing thing was that all the kids loved it – not even one, “What’s in this?”  My kid who hates strawberries loved it, and the ones who hate spinach & nuts….  Well, it certainly made MY day!  We’ll just see what devious tricks I come up with next time, bwahahahaha!

How about you  – any favorite smoothie recipes?


About bigcrunchyfamily

I'm a crazy-busy mother of 6, trying to live a healthy, natural, and green life balancing living, learning, and loving as well as I can at any given time.
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