Crunchy is the most general word I can think of to describe my current life.  I have many interesting things growing in my kitchen, try to re-use as much as possible, avoid toxins as much as possible, eat real food, and try to help my 6 children find themselves in the world so they can grow to be happy, healthy individuals who will make a positive difference in the world.  I’m always learning more about living as naturally as possible and thought I’d share things I’ve learned here.


One Response to About

  1. Hi, I just returned from a wordcamp wordpress event in Fayetteville and would love to share information. I am a novice and am open to creating support with wordpress. Would you be interested in sharing information and help?

    You have created a beautiful website…..I am addicted to smoothies…….yum

    I combine: bananas, blueberries, kale from my garden and a green
    super food in a blender…….yum………i am hoping this reaches you…….my intention is to send this in a email format……..cyber space…….hummmm

    in gratitude,

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