Baby Stuff

When it comes to babies, I’d have to say I’m a minimalist.  So many media outlets, friends & relatives will try to convince you that there is a HUGE list of what you need for baby.  All I think a baby needs is milk & mommy (OK, a carseat & a stroller are pretty handy too) – not a lot of STUFF.  We’ve done 3 UC’s, coslept, cloth diapered, etc.   Here are some links to some helpful info.


List of BPA Free Bottles & Sippy Cups


Bububibi – I bought some of these from Amazon for my last baby.  They were cheap, bamboo, & adjustable.  They do not smell bad as quickly as some of the others I inherited.  I don’t know where they’re made, but we used them for over a year & they’ve been a great deal for the money.

Unassisted Childbirth

Laura Shanley – Start here


The Natural Child Project – Cosleeping by Tami E. Breazeale

The Family Bed by Tine Thevenin


Chemicals in Shampoo, etc.

Nopoo works great on cradle cap too, especially if olive oil is rubbed into scalp beforehand.


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