I’ve tried a lot of different methods/times/teas for KT.  Currently, I have 6 gallon jars on my counter.  Some are black/green blends, one has Yerba Mate added, one has Bengal Spice, another has lavender.  Another jar is entirely Earl Grey, which I had heard you couldn’t use for Kombucha, but recent research convinced me to try it. Oh yes, and I make some from naturally flavored peach tea. I think I like the black/green best – it seems more fizzy than the Oolong or other flavors. I’m also currently into adding pomegranate juice when I decant & bottle (not necessary, but adds fizz). Yum!

If you are interested in brewing for yourself (SO much cheaper than buying the bottled kind!), please get in touch & I will sell you a scoby for cheaper than elsewhere. I will include directions, you’ll just need your own tea, jar, & water!


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